Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Illustration Friday

A little late to the party, but as I'm starting to get more involved online again, I think I'll do this week's Ilustration Friday challenge. I need to keep working this summer, despite having a hard time getting work sold.

In other news, as soon as I get a-hold of some double A's for my camera, I'll have pinback buttons up for sale! Some are hand painted, some are made from antique children's books, some are re-purposed from junked pokemon cards. I'm also trying to figure out eBay, as I've got some old stuff I really want to sell so I can have room to paint in my tiny bedroom here at home. It's been a busy summer altogether so far, the dieting, the cleaning, the painting, the organizing. I need to get back onto DA to also finish some art trades. I really want to have commissions up this summer sometime. Ah well, back to work!

Wish me luck for the challenge. "Slither" seems right up my alley. I hope I can get it done on time!

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